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Case Study

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Forming a strategic, ongoing marketing partnership.

Services Provided

  • Usability Testing

  • Accessibility

  • SSO Integration

  • Security Optimizations

  • Website Maintenance

  • Long-Term Support

Our Approach

The Challenge

The Haas team needed more than a one-time project team; they needed an ongoing website partner for continual improvements of their website.

The partnership needed to include day-to-day support, website accessibility improvements measured by the university’s Siteimprove system, various reporting needs, and Google Analytics support.

Integrations were an ongoing need as well. Examples include application integrations like Zapier and Google Sheets, as well as internal integrations like an events calendar.

Finally, the team needed to address a server upgrade and migration as part of the work.

The Solution

After a thorough review of their existing website, we proposed a roadmap for not only their first priorities, but the time-phased work that would need to follow. The projects fell into three categories:

Improved Accessibility. Our goal was to modernize and optimize the codebase to improve usability and accessibility across the website.

Improved Usability. We recommended expanding Siteimprove efforts so they extended into usability, SEO, content, and other key areas where we could increase overall site scores.

Monitoring and Ongoing Iteration. We wanted to explore small research and strategy projects to improve core pages on the site. We identified underperforming areas of the website, then recommended necessary improvements and measurements.

Key Actions

Refactored CSS and JS to decrease pageload times.

Conducted ongoing accessibility improvements through Siteimprove.

Oversaw site maintenance, security patching, and monitoring.

Developed visibility inheriting for private pages.

Oversaw usability testing and goal tracking.

Built newsroom site accessibility.

Reviewed metrics on their program landing pages to find optimizations.


The partnership continues and evolves with the needs of the Haas team. For example, we worked closely with them to redesign the programming and page layouts for the 10-page section of their website dedicated to Haas Giving.

See the Work

Berkeley Haas screenshot of Desktop and Mobile view

Project Journey

  1. Discovery

    1. 1. Accessibility Assessment
    2. 2. Usability Assessment
  2. Development

    1. 3. Refactored Code
    2. 4. Usability Improvements
    3. 5. Accessibility Improvements
  3. Analyze

    1. 6. Website Maintenance

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