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Case Study

Berkeley Law Executive Education

Building a flexible platform that lets content shine.

Services Provided

  • Audience Discovery

  • Design

  • Web Development

  • Content Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Approach

The Challenge

The Berkeley Law Executive Education team came to us with a long list of updates they wanted to see for their new website. Their existing site felt cluttered, with a clunky CMS and a design aesthetic that lacked the excitement their content deserves.

A primary goal was developing a common format throughout the site, as their site had become inconsistent over time across its program pages. This was due to having multiple editors add in program content individually, with no oversight.

This meant that two key things were needed: flexibility to satisfy the different content types each program needs, matched with consistency in the design and editing experience of the content.

The Solution

We began by discussing and documenting their website vision, clearly identifying where it should improve content, design, and UX.

It was decided that the website should leverage faculty expertise and alumni success to demonstrate how course offerings empower students to advance in their respective fields.

During the wireframe process, we worked out the core building block types and page layouts, with emphasis on delivering the flexibility and consistency they needed in-house to add regular content to the site.

Key Actions

Developed the sitemap, content, data types, and navigation with all potential audiences in mind

Highlighted content that would convince and empower established professionals to accelerate their careers through ongoing legal education

Showcased trending topics the program was covering to attract professionals wanting to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the field

Improved their SEO strategy, took a mobile-first approach, and included new landing pages for improved conversion


The vision was manifested successfully: the design flows, it’s easily navigable, and users can easily find what they came for. The value proposition is articulated clearly.

For the Berkeley Law Executive Education team, day-to-day editing of the website is easier to manage and execute.

Most importantly, the new website meets their primary objective of a consistent look and feel across the site, independent of the content added. This consistency can be seen across three of their courses: Sustainable Capitalism & ESG, General Counsel Institute, and Corporate Finance Fundamentals. Although each program showcases instructors differently, the overall design language is consistent.

See the Work

Berkeley Law: Executive Education screenshot of Desktop and Mobile view

Project Journey

  1. Discovery

    1. 1. Vision Statement
    2. 2. Content Inventory
  2. Design

    1. 3. Sitemap
    2. 4. Wireframes
    3. 5. Homepage Mockups
    4. 6. Secondary Mockups
    5. 7. Accessibility Assessment
  3. Development

    1. 8. Task Refinement
    2. 9. Prototype Build
    3. 10. Feature Build

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