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Case Study

Hauskens Impact Learning Lab

Rebranding for strategic market growth.

Services Provided

  • Audience Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • UX Design

  • Web Development

  • Conversion Optimization

Our Approach

The Challenge

When the project kicked off, Hauskens Impact Learning Lab was named Diablo Valley Educational Therapy and was moving to an online-based teaching model.

The first marketing goal was to reach a potential audience beyond Diablo Valley. Namely, casting a wider net for virtual educational therapies in the dyslexia, dyscalculia, and executive function spaces. It was determined this project would need to start with a new business name.

The second goal was a new website with a modern, virtual-centric presence focused on highlighting the organization’s distinct areas of expertise.

The Solution

Our team started by working with the client on current market positioning. We analyzed competitors and target audiences, and led a guided discussion to identify the brand personality, voice, and tone.

At the project onset, the client believed their primary audience to be student advocates. That perception changed, however, once we conducted an audience workshop where it became clear the true primary audience is parents, followed by neuropsychologists, school administrators, and finally, advocates.

Another result of the strategy workshops was uncovering the need to validate the client’s curriculum to parents. This signaled a shift in website focus from purely outlining programs to reinforcing a message centered around the value and proven expertise of the programs.

We then focused on updating the center’s name. After several rounds of ideas, we decided on Hauskens Impact Learning Lab. With this better-aligned name, we turned to the website to determine updates to the logo, font, and color system that would be more reflective of the target audiences.

Key Actions

Built a sitemap with a goal towards conversions.

Designed a new version of the homepage to highlight the new brand and positioning.

Engineered a better lead-generation funnel to get potential clients into the pipeline easier. 

Completely rewrote the website to use the new designs and employ a modern framework to keep it responsive and up-to-date.


The resulting website blends modern design with our latest data-driven strategic methods to ensure that the site is not only beautiful, but effectively speaks to the Lab’s primary audience and addresses their concerns directly.

This ultimately meets the main objective of producing high-quality leads from potential new families.

See the Work

Hauskens Impact Learning Lab screenshot of Desktop and Mobile view

Project Journey

  1. Discovery

    1. 1. Competitor Analysis
    2. 2. Vision Statement
    3. 3. Audience Workshop
    4. 4. Market Positioning
  2. Design

    1. 5. Sitemap
    2. 6. Wireframes
    3. 7. Homepage Mockups
    4. 8. Secondary Mockups
    5. 9. Content Strategy
  3. Development

    1. 10. Task Refinement
    2. 11. Prototype Build
    3. 12. Feature Build
  4. Analyze

    1. 13. Conversion Tracking

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